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About Pillar


Since 1998, we have been helping students from around the globe to achieve their academic goals through the leading high school program in North America - The Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Thousands of students graduated proudly from one of our institutes and partner institutes.

We have also built a strong and extensive partnership with universities across Canada which provides valuable pathways for students to take advantage of. So far we have partnerships with 30 universities and colleges in Canada including Western University and RUIC from Ryerson.

As of today, over 15,000 students had been served by Pillar around the globe. 800+ agencies and agents in 40 cities have been working with us, and over 30 partnerships are established with an elite network of universities and colleges in North America. 


To become the world's leading international education provider which delivers innovative and impactful learning experiences that empower the leaders of tomorrow.


These are our four values that set the cornerstones of our services and products.


We strive to provide the highest-quality education and customer services. We believe that we are given a strong responsibility to international education. For only are we responsible to our partners, parents and students, we also take responsibility to our local and global community.


We are committed to the highest level of responsiveness. We take pride in our flexibility and adaptability to provide tailored services that meet our partners' and students' needs, as well as the requirements and regulations of each local market.


Our business is built on a foundation of trust and integrity, and we strive to reassure our partners we will provide direct, honest and transparent services at all times. We take responsibility for holding ourselves accountable to these principles, and we believe this is the key to being a trustworthy and long-lasting partner to work with.


We are constantly looking to improve our products and services with creativity and innovations. We strive to provide a transformational learning experience by incorporating modern technology into our education and services so that we can they can be relevant and impactful for an ever-changing world.

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